Lyon Absinthe Glass


This mouth-blown absinthe glass is a replica that would have been commonly found throughout France in the 19th century. The glass has an easily visible reservoir (the area at the bottom of the glass where the absinthe is poured and measured), which makes it easy to measure a portion of absinthe. The reservoir sometimes varies, as glasses are hand-made and mouth-blown. The glass is made in the same proportions as an original piece that is more than 100 years old. The reservoirs of absinthe glasses tend to vary greatly depending on the size of the glass. As absinthe is made to taste, the ratio between absinthe and water generally varies from 1 part absinthe to 3 – 5 parts water.

Mouth-blown glass.

Measures approximately 15.2 cm high.

The mouth (lip) is about 8.9 cm in diameter.

The foot is about 7.2 cm in diameter.

Holds approximately 32 cl.

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